Welcome to my website! I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge, working with Profs James Rowe, Richard Henson and Lorraine K. Tyler. The central goal of my research is to obtain a better understanding of the complex relationship between human brain dynamics and cognition in healthy ageing and age-degenerative diseases. I approach this goal using a variety of methods – examining human neural dynamics at the neurophysiological, haemodynamic, and neurotransmitter levels with data-driven and generative modelling of magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiological recordings in the population-based lifespan cohort at the Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neurosciences.

During my PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK, with supervisors Prof. Glyn Humphreys, Dr. Pia Rotshtein and Prof. Theo Arvanitis, I used well established cognitive paradigms and multimodal MRI techniques (structural MRI, fMRI, and single-voxel MR spectroscopy) to characterise age-related changes in large-scale brain networks and how these changes in functional and metabolic plasticity contribute to behavioural impairments in older adults.

Before moving to the United Kingdom, I received a dual undergraduate degree in Medical Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen, Giessen, Germany, including a practical year at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Philipps University Marburg , Marburg, Germany.

For more information, please see my CV.

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